How to Find Microsoft Office Product Key and Activate it for Free?


Nowadays, not only the commercial software got updates, and the security to prevent unauthorized installation is getting updated every day. Even if that updated, now still some software uses some traditional methods like asking for product keys. Even Microsoft uses the same approach to activate their products like windows and office. But finding those keys can be hard for new users and, in some cases, also for professionals. Here we take a look at how to find the Microsoft office product key and activate it for free?

The product key or serial number is a series of numbers or letters or both of them. The key can be asked before installing the software or after the installation when we try to use it. The software will decode the key and authorize that you are a legal user. This process helps Microsoft to avoid copying and unauthorized installations.

The product key that needs to activate Microsoft office free can be found in multiple ways, depending on how you purchased it.

How to Find Microsoft Office Product Key?

How to Find Microsoft Office Product Key?

As we said before, how you purchase the software determines where you need to look for it. First of all, for newbies, they need to know what they are looking for. Microsoft office product key is a string of 25 numbers and characters in a random order of row. Those keys are split into five groups, and each has five characters.

1. Newly Bought PC

If you are looking for the Microsoft office product key or Microsoft office 365 product key activation free for your newly bought PC, it’s quite simple.

The activation key you are looking for your preloaded Microsoft office can find it on the sticker on the installation disc. If you are looking to activate Microsoft office free, use that product key while it was asking during the installation. Also, if you want to find the Microsoft Windows activation key, take a look at the top of the box. There must be a Microsoft branding sticker with an activation code in multi-color.

2. Microsoft Office Copy from a Retailer

If you bought a CD/ DVD copy from a retailer, it’s easy to activate the Microsoft office free. You can find the product key inside the CD case.

Use the key to activate your copy; if that doesn’t work for your retailer copy or new pc, it’s better to contact the Microsoft. They will fix your issue with the key or give you a replacement.

Extracting Product Key from the Microsoft Office

How to Find Microsoft Office Product Key?

To extract the Microsoft office or Microsoft 365 product key activation free tools available for it. You can use those tools if you can’t find the product key. Using them is quite simple, and here we have the instruction step by step.

  • Choose Your Tool

There are several tools for extract keys available on the internet. Please choose one of them you feel good with them, and then download and install it on your computer. These tools can help you find the hidden product keys, not only for Microsoft products, for all those software on your PC.

Some of the Tools

Magical jellybean key finder, Belarc advisor, Win key finder, Produkey.

  • Run the Tool

After installation, open the tool. After that, everything differs between each of those tools. But the most common thing you have to do is scan for the keys.

After the scan complete, it brings you the keys, and the gathered from your computer. For example, in the magical jellybean key finder, the window activation key will be shown on the left tab after the scan is completed, and the office keys shown in the right side tab.

If you select a specified version of the product, then the product keys related to it will be shown. By showing like that, we can avoid confusion of which version needs which key to activate. Track the information carefully to help you use the correct key for the same version of the tool. It will help you with the process of activation.

How to Activate Microsoft Office?

After getting the product key, the next step activating the software becomes some people’s worst nightmare. Activation is the final step of installation; here, traditionally, companies used product key activation method, but now signing in to a specific account, and digital entitlement methods also used for that.

How to Find Microsoft Office Product Key?

1. Activating Microsoft 365 Product

If you purchased a Microsoft office 365 product key activation free will also be provided with it. You can activate it using the key.

Otherwise, we can activate Microsoft office 365 accounts with the Microsoft account subscribed with a plan; they provide you an activation card with a key; you can use it.

2. Activation Using Microsoft Account

If you already have a Microsoft product like the word or excel already activated and bought correctly on your computer, you can activate other software using the preciously activated accounts.

Otherwise, it would help if you had the activation key to activate Microsoft office free. There is no other way.

3. Activating Microsoft Office on Mac

If you are confused while activating Microsoft Office on Mac, purchase the Microsoft office at and then fill out the spaces carefully. After installation, it’s asking for activation, sign in to the account.

Fill the spaces with exact data, and it’s done. You have your ms office activated.

Business professionals, office workers, businesses everybody commonly using Microsoft products because of the trust in those products. We are used to working them, and for our security, Microsoft started to use authorization keys to keep our account secured and avoid being copied.

This activation process is not always easy for everyone. Some people are facing struggles with finding product keys and activation that software. If you were struggling with those authorization steps, here we have the procedure in step by step for how to find the Microsoft office product key and to activate the Microsoft office for free?